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Podcast Highlights Siebert's Support of Quality Lutheran Education

Tune in to Ellenbecker Investment Group's EIG Radio to catch Siebert's Program Director Michelle Burmeister and Ellenbecker’s Director of Community Relations Jill Economou discussing a unique community engagement partnership to build pathways to stability for student families at St. Marcus Lutheran School. They are joined by St. Marcus Life Coach Maureen (Moe) Lorenz and a St. Marcus parent, Colette Lewis.

Families gain access to a life coach through a school's community engagement initiative.

The radio show highlights, among other topics, a three-year joint funding partnership between the Siebert Lutheran Foundation and We Raise Foundation to support a community engagement initiative at St. Marcus Lutheran School to expand support services available to school families.

An important element of this work is the presence of a life coach for families and caregivers so that students can show up and take advantage of opportunities in a classroom. As a life coach, Moe Lorenz guides families toward housing or food security, building a resume, finding a job, or removing barriers to financial empowerment.

Moe says of her role as a life coach, "On a personal level, I realize how much joy I get when I come alongside someone. Just being a cheerleader and encourager and picking people up when the plan doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to go. I love that relationship component.”

Colette Lewis, a program participant, worked with Moe to become a first-time homeowner. Together, they worked through financial issues, including paying off past debts and finding ways to start saving. As a single mother, the security of homeownership was life-changing for Colette and her kids. “If you can endure the weight, you can inherit the promise. God will abundantly bless you in the end,” says Colette.

Tune in to EIG Radio to listen to Collette's inspiring story!


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