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Guidance for publicizing and spreading the word about your grant project and your organization. Access boilerplate copy, logo files and tips for sharing your news with the public.

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Fresh Expressions

Siebert is partnering with Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead to help Lutheran churches in Wisconsin learn about, explore, and experiment with Fresh Expressions in their local contexts and within the traditions of their ELCA, LCMS, and WELS faith.

Fresh Expressions are new forms of gathering to share the Gospel that emerge within contemporary culture and engage those who typically do not attend a traditional church. As part of this exciting initiative, Siebert is inviting small, cross-functional teams from congregations to join a year-long learning community. This collaborative effort will see teams pioneering new ways to build and grow faith that align with their unique ELCA, LCMS, or WELS traditions, creating spiritual spaces where life unfolds—at work, during leisure activities, or at home. 

Are you a Wisconsin-based congregation interested in learning more about implementing a fresh expression in your community? Please join us for a webinar on Thursday, May 30, 2024, from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At this webinar, you will learn more about this new initiative, including how to get involved and the program timeline.


Siebert Funded Research

Indicators related to Poverty in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha
This December 2020 report from Data You Can Use provides an overview of population demographics and other indicators relating to poverty.


Poverty Data January 2021.jpg

Poverty Indicators Presentation

A presentation by Data You Can Use to Siebert's Board in December 2020 shows Milwaukee at a severe disadvantage on several indicators including poverty, homelessness, incarceration rates, infant mortality and food insecurity

Other Research Resources

Campus Ministry Impact

The Campus Ministry Impact study measured short and long-term impacts of campus ministry participation on the well-being and development of college students, and identified what specifically about campus ministry is effective.


Engaging Millennials

Engaging Millennials in Ministry is a research project that provides primary and secondary data on Millennials and their spirituality, faith, and worship preferences.


Effective Camp Research Project

A Siebert grant supported the Effective Camp Research Project which set out to answer: What is the impact of the one-week summer camp experience on the lives of the primary participants and their supporting networks?




The world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations including nonprofit and foundation profiles, access to resources, and support.


The Marquette University Funding Information Center, Raynor Memorial Libraries

Offers an exclusive look at Wisconsin-based Foundations.


Wisconsin Philanthropy Network

Supporting and promoting effective philanthropy in Wisconsin through providing networking opportunities, skill building, and customized research services tailored to your needs.


The Foundation Center aka Candid

Connecting people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do it via research reports, access to 990s, and training resources.

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