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Endowment Fund Match

Double your endowment gift!

Join others who trust Siebert's on-the-ground, in-depth knowledge of the Lutheran community to maximize your life’s impact through Siebert’s Endowment Fund Match opportunity! Your generosity will grow and benefit future generations. 

An endowment is based on an initial gift that provides annual income earnings generated by the investment of the principal. With an endowment fund, your gift is invested with other gifts to maximize its value. Annual amounts are distributed to one of the giving priorities at Siebert that you have designated, while the fund principal remains to provide support in perpetuity.  


All endowed gifts recorded before May 14, 2025, will qualify for $500,000 in total available matching funds. Endowments are vital, providing a perpetual stream of support for grantees in addition to Siebert’s annual grantmaking capacity of approximately $4 million. This campaign is part of Siebert Serves, which was launched in 2019, to increase the foundation’s philanthropic impact by providing greater financial resources to Lutheran churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations.​

I personally believe that God enriches us so that we can enrich, be generous, and be a blessing to others. And if that is part of your beliefs as well, there is no better organization to do that with than the Siebert Lutheran Foundation.

- Derek Tyus, Siebert Board Director and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Versiti Inc.

Mr. Siebert’s story of spiritual giving


The pioneering step of launching an Endowment Fund Match was inspired by the vision of Siebert’s Lutheran Foundation’s founder, In 1924, Albert Siebert founded Milwaukee Electric Tool Company, which thrived but faced financial woes during the Depression. 

Committed to his faith, Mr. Siebert pledged a portion of company profits to religious causes if it survived. Milwaukee Electric Tool thrived, so in 1952, Mr. Siebert followed through on this pledge by setting up a trust, which eventually became the Siebert Lutheran Foundation.


"For where your treasure will be, there your heart will be also." ~Matthew 6:21

God Loves Generously


Spiritual giving transcends mere financial transactions; it's about faith and innovation with lasting impact.


Unite in family giving to create a shared, multigenerational
legacy of generosity.


Experience transformative giving that enriches
lives and deepens faith.


Partner with Siebert to connect your giving with
God's love in action.

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Embrace God’s plan in your journey of spiritual giving.

Contact Sarah to learn more

Sarah Gilday, Director of Philanthropy


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