2019 Change or Die Conference


Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer

Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer is the president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. President Meyer has been speaking and preaching for more than 40 years and his areas of interest and study include 1 Peter, the church in a changing culture, and the Sabbath applied to life today.

Rev. Heidi Neumark

Rev. Heidi Neumark is a founding member of South Bronx Churches, an ecumenical community organizing group that trained local leaders, built hundreds of low-cost homes, and established a top-ranked public high school.


Facilitator - Ms. Sue Steege

Ms. Sue Steege is the Director of Transformation Ministries at First Trinity Lutheran Church in Tonawanda, New York. Ms. Steege has served in many educational and leadership roles and extensive experience with Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence (KINDLE).

Rev. Frank Italiano

Rev. Frank Italiano is the Lead Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete, Ill., empowering others to use their gifts to support Trinity's ministries.

Mrs. Lori Lorig

Mrs. Lori Lorig is the leader of Faith Unleashed and has been an active Christian leader and volunteer coordinator for over thirty years.