Siebert Lutheran Foundation  

Seminary Student Aid

The Siebert Lutheran Foundation provides financial aid to Wisconsin seminary students to assist with their expenses while attending seminary. Grant funding is undesignated.  Funding is NOT limited to three academic years; it remains available if the student needs more time to complete their seminary education, or during the vicarship or internship, if funding is needed.


  • Must be enrolled in a Lutheran seminary for the purpose of ordination or leadership in Lutheran pastoral ministry; for example, M.Div., EIIT, SMP, TEEM or WELS Pastoral Studies Institute programs.
  • Must be a member of a Lutheran congregation in the state of Wisconsin prior to your application to seminary.  Upon initial application, must provide a letter from the pastor of the chuch where you were a member prior to applying to seminary, to verify church membership. The letter must be original and on church letterhead (no copies) and include the dates of membership.


How to apply

The financial aid office at your seminary applies for the grant on your behalf. Before your seminary can do this, you need to fill out the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Financial Aid Application Form (your seminary's financial aid office also has copies), obtain the original letter from your pastor as described above, and turn both of these documents in to your seminary by July 1 of the year of application.

Traditionally, the majority of Siebert seminary grant recipients attend one of the following seminaries:

The financial aid offices at these institutions can help eligible students apply for a Siebert grant. If you are/will be attending a seminary other than those listed above, please contact the Foundation office so that grant application instructions can be sent to your seminary.


What happens after I apply?

The financial aid offices at the seminaries will accumulate the application forms and letters from pastors. They will calculate the financial need of each student and then submit a grant request on behalf of all their Wisconsin students to the Foundation.

The Foundation will then review these grant requests and award grant money. Notification of grant awards will be made to the seminaries by September 10 of the application year. The seminaries will notify students of the grant amount each student is to receive. Checks will be mailed from the Foundation directly to the seminaries at the end of September.


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