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Fearless & Faithful: Rebuilding Redeemer Lutheran Church

A $5.5 million capital campaign requires a church congregation to steadfastly unite and commit to a long and possibly daunting journey. 

At 19th and W. Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee, Redeemer Lutheran Church is a testament to faith, resilience, and community commitment. Six years into a capital campaign to renovate its space, the church celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony in 2023 to bring the church building and its 106-year sanctuary, designed in a Gothic Revival style, back to its former glory. 

When congregants throw open the doors after the renovation, they will see a new kitchen on the upper level, which will support the popular Noon Run meal. The renovated space will also host other mission partners and a new nonprofit organization, Olga Neighborhood Wellness Services, to provide immediate mental wellness and substance use services.

One of the exciting aspects of serving a church located in the heart of the city and next to a university is connecting beyond our walls in order to serve our neighborhood better.

~ Rev. Lisa Bates-Froiland, Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church

Under Rev. Lisa Bates-Froiland’s leadership, Redeemer is a hive of activity, symbolized by a vibrant bee-themed mural on the south face of the building and beehives on the roof. Increased membership, giving, and baptisms are paired with strong neighborhood ministry of service, advocacy, and healing to demonstrate how a strong diverse urban congregation located at the crossroads of poverty and privilege can bridge these worlds.

This investment in the Near West Side neighborhood, where Siebert is also located, ensures Redeemer's future connection to the community over the next few decades. As Pastor Lisa says, “We are always up to something new here. It's a hive of activity for the greater good!"


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