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Empowering Unique Learners at Journeys Lutheran School

Journeys Lutheran School in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, is an expert in identifying and creating curriculum and programs that meet the needs of special needs students so that nothing about their education is overlooked. 

One of its newest programs – the Crossroads Classroom – is the next step on Journeys’ road to showing the love of Christ through education and services.

The Crossroads Classroom brings important life-skills learning into every aspect of its curriculum, while continuing a focus on core academic subjects and an emphasis on self-advocacy. Field trips teach community and vocational skills, and the classroom’s full kitchen and laundry room allow students to learn and practice hygiene, safety, chores, maintenance, health, cooking, and more! This highly specialized program with a small student to teacher and teacher’s aide ratio allows for hands-on support and guidance.

Students with unique learning challenges have limitless potential, but if they are not provided with the proper individualized education that their differing abilities require, the life skills that are necessary for their success may often go overlooked.

~ Jenny Stollenwerk, Principal, Journeys Lutheran School

An important job for parents and caretakers is to raise children to be independent adults. For a

child who is a unique learner, a flexible, creative, and intentional learning environment can be crucial to meeting their needs and adapting to special abilities. Siebert is honored to partner with Journeys Lutheran School as it grows and adapts to changing methods of serving unique learners over time.


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