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Discussion Series: July 29 and Aug 12, Online Programming and Mental Wellness

Two new workshops are being offered: "Offering online programming effectively" on Wed, July 29, and "Mental health and wellness for nonprofit staff" on Wed, Aug. 12. Learn more and register now by clicking on the headline link.

Discussion Series: July 21, 2020 - Preparing for Re-opening

There are many factors to consider as nonprofits prepare for re-opening and being to offer on-site programming. During this conversation, you will hear from three organizations that have begun to welcome people back into their facilities. Click on the headline to watch the recording of this workshop.

Raising Money After the Pandemic—How to Restore Your Organization to Health

Watch the recording of this workshop that talks about planning now for a special gift appeal that can launch once we start to live into the new normal. This workshop will focus on how to prepare and some time is given to how to focus on the annual fund and how to find new partners during this time, with questions and answers from participants at the end.

Stewardship in Uncertain Times - Follow-up and Implementation Strategies

Watch the recording of this one-hour virtual workshop that was a follow up to the previous workshop about raising money during uncertain times (which you can listen to by clicking on the link below). Mike Ward provides a short update on how to transition your stewardship and fundraising efforts post-Easter and shares how others are implementing the tactics shared in the first workshop.

Making the Case for School Funding

Watch the recording of this one-hour virtual workshop that provided funding and development strategy resources for schools, fundraising activities to engage donors during the COVID-19 crisis, and discussion with schools on what they have been doing to successfully engage their donor communities.

Stewardship in Uncertain Times

Listen to the audio recording of this one-hour virtual workshop that provided tangible stewardship ideas and tools for your congregation to use for responding during a crisis.

CARES Act Explained for Nonprofits & Churches

Watch the recording of this one-hour virtual workshop that explained the CARES Act and how it applies to nonprofits and churches.

2019 Change or Die Conference

View videos of the presentations from the October 10, 2019 Conference, "Reimagine Ministry."


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