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Rev. Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery WhiteBiography

Founding and Senior Pastor at Mecklenburg Community Church and Church & Culture in Charlotte, North Carolina

James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina; President of Serious Times, a ministry which explores the intersection of faith and culture and hosts; ranked adjunctive professor of theology and culture at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he also served as its fourth president; and author of more than twenty books that have been translated into ten languages. Among Dr. White’s many books are Gold Medallion nominees Serious Times and A Search for the Spiritual. His most recent release is Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World.



The Rise of the Nones and Generation Z*

Knowing the signs of the times and how best to live in light of them - particularly as the church - is a powerful combination. One of the clearest signs of our day has been the marked rise of the "nones" - those who when asked what their religious affiliation is would respond, "Nothing." This doesn't necessarily mean that they are rejecting God, rather they simply ignore Him and don't see how He has any relevance for their lives. It's important to have a firm understanding of the cultural shifts that have lead to this trend. The rise of the nones has also produced the first post-Christian generation in American history, “Generation Z,” which is also the largest generation of our day. In this session, James Emery White will introduce you to this generation, lay-out the most important marks of Generation Z, and offer critical approaches to reaching them for Christ.

*Please note: Dr. White's presentation will not be recorded and therefore not available on Siebert's website following the conference.

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