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Rev. Steve Witte

Steve Witte is presently serving as President of Asia Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. Much of what he will share with us at the 2015 Change or Die Conference though, dates to his nine years as pastor at Beautiful Savior, Green Bay. You see Beautiful Savior was considered a “turn around” church, and during Steve’s time there, God “turned around” the church from 84 in weekend attendance and no outreach ministries, to 260 in weekend attendance, with outreach ministries including cross-cultural work to Chinese, Hmong, Laotian, Developmentally Disabled and the poor/jobless. In addition, through the request of the U.S. military, Beautiful Savior provided direct support to an orphanage near Kabul, Afghanistan, and sent its own local Laotian-trained missionary, Phomma Chindaphone, who baptized about 300 people during his first trip to Laos. While in Green Bay, Steve served as the advisor to the Green Bay Christian Business Association, and advisor to the Leap of Faith Board of Directors for its event at Lambeau Field in July 2007. Prior to Beautiful Savior, Steve served Emanuel, New London for 16 years, has held positions with the Northern District Office, and demonstrated outreach ministry and evangelism leadership in numerous roles. Steve’s education includes Northwestern College, Watertown, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, for advanced study where his thesis topic was “Confronting the Death of Confessional Lutheranism.” Steve and his wife, Mary, have been married for 33 years, have five children, and five grandchildren. 


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