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Mr. Peter Johnson

Mr. Peter JohnsonBiography

Mission Developer, Chicken Coop Church in Grantsburg, WI

Mr. Peter Johnson is currently serving as the mission developer for Chicken Coop Church, a rural church plant he and his lovely wife Heidi started in January of 2014 in the north woods of Wisconsin. Growing up experiencing economic poverty in rural Wisconsin, spending the first part of his adult years in blue collar fields, and the 10 years previous to ministry as a road construction foreman, he is at home in the messiness of ministry. Sporting a pink mohawk, Peter is energized by the support from Heidi, his mentors Pr. Ned Lenhart and Pr. Doug Olson, and Jesus. Chicken Coop Church is a faith community comprised of the unchurched and marginalized. Collectively as the body of Christ they seek to answer the Spirit’s call to be sent into and beyond the margins to be church; that is, to find, share, and experience God’s love, forgiveness, grace, and renewal. Peter affirms the call with the path towards ordination in the ELCA via Luther Seminary and the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin. Thankful for the call to serve as mission developer and the path of seminarian, he is also grateful for his and Heidi’s newest blessing, their soon to be adopted special needs infant son, Jakobe.

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