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Rev. Matt Popovits

Rev. Matt PopovitsBiography

Pastor and Church Planter with Our Saviour New York (OSNY)

Matt Popovits serves as Pastor of Our Saviour New York (OSNY), a family of parishes in Manhattan and Queens, working together to serve New York City. Matt is also the host of “The Spiritual Howcast” on YouTube, which offers insightful yet simple answers to the spiritual questions of skeptical people. He's also served as a staff writer for "Homiletics Magazine," a worldwide resource to pastors and communicators. He and his high school sweetheart Lisa proudly live in the borough of Queens with their two children, Ava and Jack Matthew.


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Christian Community for the Highly Skeptical and Hyper-Connected

Not long ago the church enjoyed a position of power: it carried the keys to mankind's connection to the divine and served as the social center of most every neighborhood. For many and for most, if you wanted to be connected to God and others you had little choice but to darken the door of some nearby parish. But those days are gone.

Today, the majority of your neighbors--of our sons and daughters, coworkers and cousins--feel the church has little relevance to their lives. Skeptical of our truth claims, weary of our moralism, and better-equipped for communication and connection than ever before the current culture struggles to find value in what we, the church has to offer. And yet, our universal need to be known by God and to be in deep, meaningful connection with others, remains. And, many would argue, it is largely unfulfilled.

Does the church have the gifts and the ability to meet these needs, as it did in ages past? And if so, what will it take for the church to offer the gifts of God to a highly skeptical and hyper-connected culture? And how does the Gospel of Jesus Christ free us to share these gifts in new yet faithful ways?

Join Pastor Matt Popovits as he shares insights, stories, and tactics from the front lines of ministry: planting churches among upwardly mobile millennials in Midtown Manhattan and second-generation working class immigrants in that heart of Queens.

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