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Ms. Alaina Kleinbeck


Program Director with Duke Divinity School Youth Academy

Alaina Kleinbeck has served youth ministries and organizations in suburban St. Louis, urban Houston, and Norway. She holds degrees from Concordia University Nebraska and Duke Divinity School. Before her time with the Duke Youth Academy, she was a Director of Christian Education working with middle school students. She is passionate about including young people in all aspects of life in the church, developing faithful Christian practices within communities, and listening to and empowering the voices of those who are silenced in society.


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Ministry with Emerging Generations

Congregational vitality depends on children, teenagers, and young adults to breathe in creativity and innovation, yet most congregations struggle with creating spaces for their voices and experiences. Given the complexities of today's religious and spiritual landscape of young people today, what are the best practices in ministry for and with the young? What does discipleship and formation look like? How do we involve young people in worship and other aspects of congregational life? How do we thoughtfully engage with young people outside of the church?

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