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Visit the Applying for a Grant page for the process of submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and grant application.

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  Are grant proposals accepted from non-Lutheran organizations?

We only accept proposals from Lutheran churches and organizations or, in rare circumstances, proposals from non-Lutheran organizations that directly enable Lutheran ministries or projects.

  Should I contact the Foundation prior to submitting a grant proposal?

Please register as a new user if you are a new potential grant recipient. Or, call the Foundation at 414.269.2832.

  Can Foundation staff preview parts of my grant application prior to submission?

If you are unsure about portions of your proposal, you may contact the Foundation and ask staff to review this material. We can do this by viewing saved portions of your unsubmitted application, or you may email us the material you'd like reviewed. This review is only done when a special request is made; we do not typically preview applications before they are submitted.

  May a Lutheran organization submit more than one grant proposal in a year?

An organization may have only one Siebert Lutheran Foundation grant working each year. However, in special circumstances, permission is given to submit a proposal for a new project or program. If you believe your organization's unique circumstances may warrant an additional grant, please contact Foundation staff to discuss the possibility.

  I don't know if my organization already has an online grant application login or profile. Or, I can't remember my login information. What should I do?

Please contact us at email us or call 414.269.2832. Do not create a new profile or new login information unless you are certain a profile does not already exist for your organization.

  When a grant proposal has been denied by the Board, may I call the Foundation to request the reason for denial? May I ask the Board to reconsider?

Yes, you may call, and we hope to be able to answer your questions in order to help your organization grow. However, the Foundation does reserve the right to not explain grant decisions, or to limit explanations, when staff believes it is most appropriate to do so.

The Board will not immediately reconsider a grant it has turned down, but if your organization's circumstances have changed and you feel resubmission would be beneficial, you may contact Foundation staff and ask permission to apply again in the next grant cycle.

If your question was not answered here, feel free to contact the Foundation via email or call 414.269.2832.


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