Siebert Lutheran Foundation  

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through High-performing Faith-based Education


...from Birth through Grade 12

We identify and support high-performing and values-based schools and other education programs that provide children and youth in Southeastern Wisconsin - particularly those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged - a path to Christ-centered academic success. We do this through the following channels:

  • Early Childhood Education: To provide children developmentally appropriate stimulation in their early years to help close the achievement gap that exists for minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged children.
  • Elementary and Middle School Education: To assist high-performing Lutheran grade schools and middle schools to ensure access and success for socioeconomically disadvantaged students. We expect schools to enable students to meet expected proficiency levels within an acceptable target period.
  • High School Education: To assist high-performing Lutheran high schools in ensuring that low-income students graduate from high school prepared for college or vocational school.
  • Family and Tuition Assistance: Through our strategic partnerships with PAVE and other organizations, we strive to strengthen low-income families' opportunity to afford Lutheran education.
  • College Preparation: To ensure low-income students in middle and high school have access to high quality learning beyond the classroom to enable student success and to prepare them - academically, socially, and spiritually - for admission into and success in higher education or vocational schools. Postsecondary and Adult Education

We help enable adults to acquire the basic skills necessary to function in today's society so that they can benefit from the completion of secondary school education and participate in job training and retraining programs, particularly in the following forms:

  • Adult Learning Opportunities: To support high-quality Christ-centered GED or equivalency training for adults to ensure a pathway to successful employment.
  • Technical School, College, and University Programs: To support Lutheran Campus Ministry at local public and private colleges and universities, and targeted programs to enable disadvantaged youth to enter the workforce prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.


Priority is given to organizations whose approach is unique or who collaborate with others.

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