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Applying for a Grant

  1. Review what we fund.
  2. Review Siebert Lutheran Foundation's policies, which are available here (PDF).
  3. Follow the steps for the type of grant you're applying for:
Grant Cycles - NEW in 2017

Siebert Lutheran Foundation is transitioning to two grant cycles each calendar year, only one of which will accept building-related capital grant applications*. In 2017, we will transition from the current three cycles, with new deadline dates for the Fall 2017 cycle. Then in calendar 2018, we will accept applications in just two cycles, Spring and Fall. Please note: Grantees are always encouraged to submit their LOIs and grant applications prior to these due dates, and to feel free to contact the Siebert office by phone with any questions or confusion: 262.754.9160. See detailed deadline information below. 

Standard Grant Process
  1. If you're a new grant applicant, please contact Siebert's office before completing a Letter of Inquiry or submitting a grant application. or 262.754.9160
  2. Visit our Apply Now page and answer the questions.
  3. Create an account or login to your existing account on Foundant, Siebert's grant application website. Access the Foundant website through the Apply Now page.
    • Organizations may only have one profile. If you're not sure if a profile exists for your organization, please contact us.
    • View this five minute Applicant Tutorial video for guidance on using Foundant.
  4. Submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
    • ​​In Foundant, select "Standard Grant Process" and complete a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).
    • Siebert will review your LOI and respond in approximately 3-5 business days. You will be informed via email if your LOI is approved or denied with the necessary information for completing a full grant application if approved.
  5. Submit a Grant Application
    • ​Preview the grant application questions here (PDF).
    • Complete your application before deadline dates. If you anticipate not being able to meet a deadline, contact us as early as possible and we will advise. 
    • After submitting, you'll receive an email confirmation and Foundation staff will contact you with follow-up questions, to request a site visit or meeting if necessary, etc.
    • Foundation staff will determine when and if the grant application is ready to present to the Board of Directors. An application submitted in a timely manner does not guarantee presentation to the Board of Directors at its next meeting or, in some instances, at all.
    • Online Application Tips
      • ​Bookmark the Foundant grant application login page or the Siebert Apply Now page.
      • Utilize the grant application questions PDF to type your answers to questions in Word first. It may be easier to edit your responses to fall within word count limits and you will have a spell check tool available, which the grant system does not have. You can easily copy and paste your text into the grant system text boxes.
      • Periodically scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save as Draft." If you do not, your information may be lost after a period of inactivity.
      • Remember to click "Submit Form" when you are finished.
  6.  Decision Making and Notification
    • The Board of Directors make funding decisions based on the schedule in the table above.
    • ​Foundation staff will notify you in writing whether or not your grant request was approved and for what amount.
    • If approved, you are required to sign and return the Foundation's Grant Agreement prior to distribution of funds.
  7. Outcomes Reporting
    • After a grant request is approved and funds disbursed, the organization is required to report on progress toward expected results.
    • A final outcomes report will be required at completion of the project. In some instances, interim reports during the lifetime of the project will also be required. This will be detailed in the terms of the Grant Agreement. These reports are completed in Foundant, the grant applicaton website. Access it via the Apply Now page, clicking the "Login" button.
    • An organization may only have one Siebert Lutheran Foundation grant working each year. However, in special circumstances, permission is given to submit a proposal for a new project or program. Follow-up reports must be submitted prior to applying for new funding. 


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