Siebert Lutheran Foundation  

Mission & Vision


Who We Are

Siebert Lutheran Foundation is a private foundation, established by the late Albert F. Siebert, to fund Christian ministries identified with Lutheran churches and organizations. The Foundation has no formal affiliation with any church administrative body.

Our Mission

Siebert Lutheran Foundation, as a steward of its resources and relationships, enables the Lutheran community to be more collaborative, creative and effective in how it shares the Word of God, how it educates and instills Christian values in our youth, and how it serves people in need.

Our Vision

Siebert Lutheran Foundation will foster partnerships with and among those serving a world in need and spreading the Good News, particularly in Wisconsin. As a capacity builder, catalyst, collaborator, and facilitator, the Foundation will work actively with Lutheran synods, their congregations, other Christian faith-based organizations, and individuals serving those in need - both earthly and eternal needs - by sharing the Gospel.

Our Roles

  • Capacity Builder: To build the capacity of Lutheran and other Christian organizations, congregations and individuals to spread the Gospel and serve people in need
  • Catalyst: To convene ministry leaders for the purpose of stimulating dialogue and action on issues critical to healthy churches, leaders, and communities
  • Collaborator: To encourage partnership among donors, grantees, Lutheran synods and other Christian service organizations in order to generate the efficiency and synergy needed to effect change in our community
  • Facilitator: To utilize our unique position and relationships in the Lutheran community to organize forums and discussions that result in projects and action leading to change
Siebert Lutheran Foundation
300 N. Corporate Dr. Ste 200
Brookfield, WI 53045